TOR (The Onion Router) on Slackware 13

by malisa

1.) get tor from
– tor needs libevent library, you need to get it from and install before installing tor itself.

Tor version has problems with openssl-0.9.8l-i486-1 – I had to remove it and install older version from slackware 12.2 repository (openssl-0.9.8i-i486-1). Tor just stopped at Bootstrapped 10% and couldn’t get further from there (it should go to 100% if working normally).

2.) after installation take a look into tor configuration file at /etc/tor/torrc
– essentially, you can just leave everything as is. Tor will be running on localhost port 9050 and it will be available only from localhost.
– the only thing I changed here is uncommented line SocksListenAddress so I can use it as proxy from other computers in network. If you don’t need tor listening on outer network interface or you use it strictly as http proxy and intend to install proxy on the same machine as tor then you can just leave everything as it is.

3.) Start tor by typing /etc/rc.d/rc.tor start

4.) if you want to make tor autostart with system make rc.tor file executable: chmod 755 /etc/rc.d/rc.tor and add this to your rc.local:
# Start Tor
if [ -x /etc/rc.d/rc.tor ]; then
/etc/rc.d/rc.tor start

security note
Do not use tor network to access your mail or other confidential data without using some other encryption like ssl (sites with https:// prefix) because you never know who is sitting at tor exit point that you currently use (exit points change all the time – every 10 minutes or so) and what is he/she doing, like sniffing traffic or changing your data as it flows through his/her computer. Read some tor documentation at torproject to understand how it all works.

– install privoxy proxy server for better anonymity protection as it routes DNS requests also into the tor network and is capable of stripping headers that your browser sends with requests